Fed up from feeling overly suppressed by this decade and the lack of life unplugged, I decided to switch my mindset from its current millennial state and throw it back to those blissful times of no responsibilities, simple pleasures and a free mind. Free from all the anxiety and the pressures of the world. I wanted to find where my original inner peace and happiness came from.

Piece was made; a creative release from someone who spends 85% of the day in their own dream realm. Turning my imagination into a reality, I base my Piece’s on things that influenced the development of my mind and inspired my imagination at a young age; which then helped me grow and form into the young (yung) lady that I am today. Piece has also helped me find a way, and a louder voice to promote my (somewhat) controversial opinions and beliefs in society, sexuality, equality and feminism in a subtle, yet noticeable manner.

Despite making you all look cool as all hell, I also want to push and inspire you to not grow up too fast and cherish those younger years, hold on to what makes you happy despite what others think and never give up on what you believe. I want to help them find their peace.

But what it all really comes down to in the end, the simple bare bones of Piece by Breanna Elise, is that this is just my art; just a little piece of me.


Free the nips, be proud of your sexuality, get ride of the stigma for being nudie and let the marijuana heal us!

That’s what I’m all about