First Collection of Hard Enamel Pins

If you are my friend, or if you even just know a little bit about me, then I’m sure you can make a few connections between these trois pieces et moi. If you are a bestie then these pieces are straight up obvious! (shout out to my besties)

And for anyone who is completely oblivious or hasn’t had the chance to meet me yet. (we can change that!) These guys are all inspired (read “epitome of”) my all-time, absolute favourite things in life. (ps. people ain’t things)

In no particular order… they are:

The Unicorn: My Spirit Animal. I just freakin’ adore these beings. So much so that my mama’s first ever tattoo was a unicorn, dedicated to me! Growing up I had unicorn bedsheets, wallpaper, posters, pogs, a place mat, a wind chime… If it had a unicorn on it, chances are I either had it or I was eventually gifted it. (thank you, sisters)  I literally had half a closet full of unicorn stuffies, beanies and toys. These days, all my unicorn buds are packed away in storage, somewhere. But, not much else has changed. If it has a unicorn on it, I still want it.

Marijuana: I have no problem openly stating that a “drug” is one of my all- time, absolute favourite things in life. (sorry, grandma! ILY!) To me, it is no different than someone stating that wine is their ultimate fave. Or smoking cigarettes, or drinking coffee… they are all “drugs”, my friends. Except, I firmly believe that marijuana is far more beneficial than any of the other “legal drug”. (I’ll gladly fight you about it) Caffeine, tobacco and alcohol do absolutely nothing for me except eventually make me feel worse. (but I still ♥ coffee and wine) The good ol’ Mary Jane has saved me countless times. From being in pain, being severely sick, being anxious, being hung over, having no appetite, from not being able to sleep, the list goes on and on. (seriously, countless times) Not to mention, I basically owe my sanity to weed. This girl has the attention span of fruit fly, so if it weren’t for the cannabis plant than none of all this, that you see here, would have gone further than my sketchbook. So, you can thank the weed too.

Treatza: Pizza and candy are my life source. Candy for breakfast, pizza for dinner. I could never favourite one over the other. So, combining the two just makes SO much sense! And when you come across the real deal, you have hit the jack pot! (Why have you left my life, Pizza Hut Treatza Pizza!!!)

So, that’s the first collection. I am really not one to ever feel the need to justify and explain my art. But, this first collection kind of means a lot to me, yah know?

Hope you dig it! And stay high!


Hey, High, Hello!

Hi friends!

Thanks for checking things out.

Welcome to the blog! The place where I will fill you in on all the juicy deets of the workings of my mind and the creative growth of Piece.

Just to bring everyone up to date: I quit my job. Turned 27. Stayed forever unemployed. Had an incredible sun, fun and adventure filled Summer. And, I started my own online business.

Why tho?(ugh)

Because, why not! Yolo? Amiright? (…yolo. sorry)

JK, seriously (kinda). I’m just going to be honest. I hate working. Absolutely despise the idea of dedicating 40 hours a week of my life, using my education and skills to fund other people’s bad habits and poor business decisions. Not to mention all the unwanted attention and sexual harassment from customers, employees and even bosses. So, I figured why waste my time and energy on these people who just reap my talents and show no appreciation since I’m doing what I’m paid for? (Eek, a little bitter)

I get it. Money. Cool. But, like they all say “money can’t buy happiness”. (so cliché) However, my family has taught me (unknowingly) that happiness brings money.

I had an amazing childhood! Raised by a pair of metal head, bikers who loved hard, spoiled deservingly and were hippies at heart. We lived (and still do) on Vancouver Island listening to anything from Leonard Cohen and Pink Floyd to Nine Inch Nails and System of a Down. Camping in the summers and skiing in the winters. My family was tight! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and all. The worst of it all was being forced to go to a private school, where I made the most amazing, life-long relationships with some of the people I love more than anything. Happiness surrounded me.

Like most young adults, life got tough. Adulthood can bring on many unknown mental struggles. Things didn’t go as planned. I fought for my inner peace. I lost my happiness. I struggled to find it in many crutches, and finally stumbled upon a boy who saved me. (aweeeee, my fairy tale)

This summer, I wanted to reconnect with what made me happy before all the responsibilities of life. I wanted a peace of mind. This was the outcome. Starting out as more of a creative release turned into a business idea; followed by the push and hard love of my super rad and supportive partner in crime and life living sidekick, which helped turn my ideas into reality.

People keep asking me what I am going to sell, and the straight up answer to that is art. My art. Pins, patches and pipes are my main focus but in all honesty, I don’t know what I am going to create. All I know is that it will be whatever I feel like creating. Whatever brings me peace and whatever makes me happy, even if it is just a little bit.

You really do only live once. So, why the hell not live it the way you want to live it. “Work” the way you want to “work”!

This is raw. This is me. If I make money, then that is rad. But all I really want from this is to be happy and at peace. And this “work” definitely provides! (so far)